Falletti Weber Consulting Group - Customized, client orientated financial solutions to NGOs Falletti Weber Consulting Group - Photo by Kyle Barker - Angkor Wat, Cambodia Falletti Weber Consulting Group - Photo by Kyle Barker - Ban Sap Jam, Laos


Falletti Weber Consulting Group - Customized, client orientated financial solutions to NGOs

Falletti Weber Consulting Group has worked with clients in over 50 countries, providing anti-fraud, compliance, and institutional strengthening services to US NGOs. Clients speak best to the success of our past projects:

Maria Pruett, Department of State, American Embassy – Baghdad:
"The Iraqi International Center for Science and Industry (IICSI) is an organization funded and managed by the United States Department of State, from the US Embassy in Baghdad. IICSI’s objective is to assist Iraq’s top scientists and engineers to contribute their vast skills and expertise for the benefit of reconstruction efforts and to redevelop the scientific and industrial base in Iraq. The Falletti Weber Consulting Group and Mr. Ed Roberto in particular have been instrumental in assisting the US Department of State’s nonproliferation efforts. For years our program has relied on the expertise of Ms. Weber and Mr. Roberto. They have been the subject matter experts in one of the program’s most successful training modules. Their knowledge of international best business practices and entrepreneurship has given many Iraqi citizens the opportunity to better themselves, provide for their families and rebuild Iraq. Mr. Roberto and Ms. Weber are highly commended for their contributions to the US Department of State IICSI program and have earned our sincerest gratitude."

Shawn T. Wheeler, Vice President, Global Operations & Program Support Services U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation:
"Falletti Weber Consulting Group has been a strong partner to the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) for over 7 years, providing a wide range of support for CRDF activities from tailored internal and external training programs to fraud prevention to internal audit to field audits of our overseas offices and grantees. The quality of FWCG's work has been exceptional. They have taken the time to learn our organization and their strategic approach to each engagement has ensured maximum effectiveness and long-term impact in ongoing efforts to constantly enhance our internal control systems. One feels that FWCG is invested in our organization's success and the energy and enthusiasm coupled with consummate professionalism they bring to each engagement is without peer in their field. I have dealt with many consulting and audit firms in my career and have found none that compare in quality to FWCG."

Jennifer Braun, Program Director, International Midwife Assistance:
“International Midwife Assistance would not have accomplished anything of merit or note without Carmela Weber of Falletti Weber Consulting Group. The breadth and depth of her understanding and knowledge are priceless. It seems that for whatever issue arises, Falletti Weber has both the short and the long answer – what we need to do right now and for the long run. Ms Weber helped create transparency in IMA operations, clear goals and measures of success, despite the challenging environments in which we operate. Whether the issues are about working harmoniously with Afghan government policy or personnel in Uganda, Ms Weber always has the solutions we need.”

Ulrich Hewer, Ph.D., Former Executive Director of EERC, Visiting Professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland:
"The Falletti Weber Consulting Group is so much more than a consulting firm. When the Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC) faced the challenges of creating 'centers of excellence' of teaching advanced economics in countries of the former Soviet Union, and putting them on sound local funding, the FWCG listened, asked the right questions and made our issues and vision their own. Not only did they provide us with a first class analysis and strong support to implementing the action program agreed upon; they stayed with us until the local capacities had indeed been built in Kiev and Moscow. The young elites from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia and other countries owe it also to the FWCG's advice and persistence that today they have access to the best training in modern economics in their own part of the world."