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Falletti Weber Consulting Group - Customized, client orientated financial solutions to NGOs

Our Expertise

Every engagement we perform includes a robust risk assessment, policies & procedures evaluation, and recommendations for improvements. FWCG has a unique range of expertise in:

* Internal Audit Services
* Fraud Prevention & Investigation
* Risk Solutions & Operational Strengthening
* Program Development
* Alternative SOX Section404 Process

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Falletti Weber Consulting Group has a strong track record of success in over 50 countries. We handle sensitive cases under difficult circumstances, and often in difficult locations such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Yemen, Pakistan, Venezuela and Afghanistan. Our firm’s resume is a case study in effectively serving clients regardless of their size, location or need.

Fraud Investigation Case Studies
FWCG has investigated a variety of fraud cases and whistleblower reports involving fabricated grantees, fictitious vendors and employee misappropriations of funds. Our findings have been corroborated by Inspector General investigations. FWCG has supported our clients throughout investigations, corrective actions, navigation of insurance claims, and donor relations.

Risk Solutions and Operational Strengthening Case Studies
A US based NGO opening operations in the Middle East approached FWCG. They wanted assistance vetting a local partner in grant making. FWCG conducted due diligence reviews for the NGO, setting the stage for a fruitful partnership with a foundation in Dubai.

FWCG provides grant and sub recipient monitoring for US based NGOs. We have visited grantees in numerous countries such as Russia, Madagascar, Philippines, Azerbaijan and Bolivia, working with them to improve capacity as well as indentify compliance challenges.

FWCG has found that the important task of reviewing or reengineering policies and procedures often gets pushed to the back burner. There it languishes, creating stress and worry for competent yet busy people. We have helped a number of organizations develop, update, or reengineer policies and procedures. In organizations worldwide, FWCG has been able to move along policy and procedure reviews. We facilitate management decisions and editing to complete these projects on a tight timeline, while generating buy in from staff, boards, donors and external auditors.

FWCG designed and implemented a new accounting system for a US-based NGO with fifteen international field offices. To ensure the system would serve the organization at every level and for the long haul, we met with both internal and external stakeholders and users. By analyzing management needs, as well as financial reporting and donor requirements, we designed an integrated approach. This required developing direct linkages to the program database to assure efficiency and data reconciliation. FWCG implemented the new system, trained headquarters and field staff, and performed the detailed reconciliation of all donor balances and balance sheet account balances. This comprehensive process was an opportunity to investigate and resolve all past variances between multiple financial and programmatic systems at HQ and throughout the field.

Program Development and Implementation Case Studies
In one assignment FWCG supported a program within an US based NGO as it transitioned to an independent organization with localized operations in Kyiv. FWCG provided project management, training, and oversight during the shift. To assure a successful and sustainable changeover we worked closely the parent organization, as well as the new organization’s management.

FWCG has supported a Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) lending program in Armenia and Ukraine monitoring of its portfolio of loans. FWCG conducted site visits to evolving enterprises to improve operations and identify opportunities.

In the State Department’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program for former Iraqi weapons scientists, we provided private sector development training to sub-recipients. We ensured the efficient use of US grant funds by honing recipients’ business strategies, financial models, and executive summaries for investors.

Internal Audit Case Studies
FWCG has conducted internal audits in field offices in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the CIS, Latin America and the Caribbean for eight clients.